Charlie Hueber



A strategic plan is your chance to look into the future and decide what you want your company to be like and then place that vision into the context of where you are now. A strategic plan provides the direction to your desired future. By adding action plans and clarifying questions to your strategic plan, you create a map for reaching your vision.

Along the way, you further clarify your vision and goals by identifying your organization's values, mission, and vision statements. You create processes and structures that support your strategic plan.

Bottom line, by operating from a strategic perspective, organizations can focus on their goals, align their actions, and increase productivity. A good strategic plan is not a static document but an activte way of doing business.

Does all of this sound overwhelming? It doesn't have to. Let us work with your group to develop a plan that will carry your group into the future.

Cyan Productions can work with almost any group in building a solid strategic plan by providing a one-day workshop or weekend retreat. We customize each workshop/retreat to meet your needs and at the end of the session. A the end of a session each group will walk away with a complete strategic plan, quarterly action plan, and 3 clarifying questions to keep you on track.