Charlie Hueber



Few factors have such a direct impact on an organization’s long-term growth and success as the quality of its leadership. We help develop leaders who can tackle the business challenges of the present, while also creating successful strategies for the future.

Our experienced facilitators deliver tailored learning solutions for individuals, teams, and groups within client organizations. The breadth of our expertise ensures we can maximize relevance across a wide range of industries, geographies, topics and functions.

Most organizations have some kind of program for developing leaders in place. But all too often, the focus is on acquiring new skills, which may instantly become obsolete with the smallest shifts in technology, market behavior, or business strategy. Today’s rapidly changing world calls for a more contextual approach.

At Cyan, we collaborate with you to create adaptable and relevant development solutions that accelerate your talent and business strategies. We do this by anchoring — not just aligning — to your organization’s strategy, mission, culture, and purpose. We also put equal weight on personal, team, and organizational development — prompting progress and momentum at all levels.